About Us

BigBuddySociety.net is a collection of thousands of academic papers on various topics. Our editors collect and review the most recent essays, case studies, research papers and other written projects submitted to the world’s leading universities and then publish them with the permission of their authors. Here you can find many interesting and through-provoking materials, meet their authors and ask for help when stuck with an academic paper. And you know what is the best part of it? – it is all free with no limitation.


The ultimate goal of BigBuddySociety.net is to create a database that would answer any questions students might have along the way of getting a diploma. Why do we do it?

There are many reasons:

  • Make the author’s good work known to his fellow colleagues;
  • Spread the accomplishments of modern academics;
  • Allow students to gain ideas and inspiration from the works of others;
  • Promote diversity in the academic writing;
  • Help find other relevant works to refer to when writing your own.
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The best way to learn is to consult the brightest minds and works in your area. This is exactly what lies behind the creation of BigBuddySociety.net. We want every English-speaking student have access to high quality texts as examples to follow. We believe this will motivate them to strive for the better in their own works.


BigbuddySociety.net is convenient and user-friendly:

  • Search system makes it easy to find the paper you are looking for;
  • No subscription fee no matter how many essays you consult;
  • Texts available to read online – no need to register or spend time downloading;


BigBuddySociety.net is just a website with numerous academic texts. But for those searching for help with their essays it can be a real treasure. By browsing the essays that we have carefully selected, proofread and downloaded to the website, you can brainstorm ideas of your own. This will help you come up with sources to quote or arguments to make. And if you really like one particular work – we can even put you in touch with its writer for an individual consultation.

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