Chapter 11 World History

Who was Marco Polo, and why was he important? In the 13th century he traveled from Venice with his father and uncle to the Chinese court of the great Mongol ruler: Kublai Kahn What did Europeans hope to accomplish on their voyages? Europeans had high hopes of expanding trade(spices) and they also had high hopes …

ADJ 107 – Criminology

When researchers want a survey to be representative of all members of society they conduct: Cross-sectional research A research approach that asks participants to describe their recent lifetime criminal activity is termed: A Self-report survey Richmond (Virginia) Police Department used ____ to identify and target locations associated with increased random gunfire during the previous year’s …

Government Unit 1 Review Worksheet

among the broad purposes of the United State government spelled out in the Preamble to the Contitution is the obligations to provide for justice (and the people’s general welfare) Locke, Harrigton, Hobbes, and Rousseau would most likely agree that the state exists to serve the will of the people the theory underlying modern democracies was …

1920s and 1930s Exam

After World War I, why did American farmers fail to share in the general economic growth of the United States? Overproduction and competition caused falling prices. The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s was a period when African Americans created noteworthy works of art and literature Public disregard for Prohibition and for laws prohibiting gambling indicates …

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AP World History Period 5 Framework Notecards

How did Industrialization affect seemingly unrelated fields like social structures, culture, and the economy? Industrialization led to the further stratification of social classes and gender roles, the assimilation and diffusion of many diverse cultures, and an overall boom in the global economy. What combination of factors were neassary to begin the Industrial Revolution? Geographic location, …

6th Grade Social Studies Vocabulary

government (The United States government is lead by the president.) a group of people who have the power to make and enforce laws constitution (In the U.S. our rights are guaranteed by the constitution.) a system of basic rules and principles by which a government is organized limited government (The U.S. has a limited government …

PSYCH1101: Chapter 11: Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Sex Refers to the properties of a person that determine his/her classification as a male/female. Sex chromosomes In humans, the pair of genes that differs between the sexes and determines a person’s sex as a male/female. *23rd pair differs across sexes: Male: X, Y chromosome Female: same chromosomes — X Gonads Glands that produce sex …

Social Work Exam 1 Review

What is NOT a characteristics of generalist social workers? a) They utilize generic practice processes to organize their work with client systems. b) They recognize the potential for change at multiple system levels c) They view human behavior in the context of the social environment d) They separate direct practice from social policy and research …

Geography Review Test 1

What map component defines the ratio between a distance on the map and the actual distance on earth? scale Which lines are parallel to the Equator? latitude Which is the most accurate method of showing the entire surface of the earth? globe Which type of maps would most likely show the elevation of the Andes …

Nutrition-Spotlight on Eating Disorders

eating disorders A spectrum of abnormal eating pattern that eventually may endanger a person’s health or increase the risk for other diseases. Generally, psychological factors play a key role. disordered eating An abnormal change in eating pattern related to an illness, a stressful event, or a desire to improve one’s health or appearance. If it …

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