Columbia College Psychology 101 Quiz 8

The subfield of psychology that studies attitudes, social perceptions, interpersonal attraction, social influence and group behavior is known as Social psychology Social psychology involves the study of all of the following, except one. Which one is the exception? Beliefs, conformity, groups or intelligence. Intelligence Behavioral and cognitive tendencies that are learned and expressed by evaluating …

Chapter 13: Health, Stress, & Coping

Stress internal processes that occur as people try to adjust to events and situations, especially those that they perceive to be beyond their coping capacity process Stressors events or situations to which people must adjust the actual physical events or situations Stress Reaction physical, psychological, and behavioral responses that occur in the face of a …

Sociology Final – CH. 14 Capitalism and the Economy

Feudalism precapitalist economic system characterized by the presence of lords, vassals, and fiefs Serfs bound to land and required to give the lord a portion of their production and then granted protection in return; different from slaves (allowed to own property and could not be sold); relationship formed basic framework for feudalism Capitalism economic system …

Social Psychology Exam 3

Research concerning automatic prejudices reveals that automatic processing involves primitive areas of the brain associated with fear. Ayres’ (1991) research team visited 90 Chicago-area car dealers using a uniform strategy to negotiate the lowest price on an $11,000 car. The results indicated that _______ were given the highest quote. Black females Linking good fortune with …

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Final Exam: Chapter 14 key notes and questions

Creoles Persons of full blooded European descent who were born in the Spanish American colonies. Enlightenment Intellectual movement in eighteenth-century Europe stresing natural laws and reason as the basis of authority. Forbidden City of Beijing Palace city of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Oceania Collective name for the lands of Australia and New Zealand and …

Theoretical Criminology

Classical theories do not focus on: The pathology of criminal behavior The major difference between metatheory and unit theory is that metatheory discusses process and unit theory discusses structure. false Microtheories are the most abstract of all theories. false Qualitative theory excludes which of the following factors? the ability to be tested statistically Microtheories are …

sociology ch.16 – social change: modern and postmodern societies

social change the transformation of culture and social institutions over time how culture directs social change inventions create new objects discovery takes place when people notice new elements in the world diffusion creates change as people and information spread all these lead to social change how conflict directs social change social conflict arise from class, …

Psychology Exam#5 Quiz#2

Accepting others’ opinions about reality is to ________ as the desire to gain approval is to ________. informational social influence;normative social influence The careers of health care specialists such as pediatricians, neurologists, and dentists most clearly illustrate that culture enables divsion of labor Which branch of psychology is most directly concerned with the study of …

Chapter 1 (Part #3): Theories of Development

theories of development – psychoanalytic theories – cognitive theories – behavioral and social cognitive theories – ethological theory – ecological theory – an eclectic theoretical orientation scientific method An approach that can be used to obtain accurate information – a four-step process: (1) conceptualize a process or problem to be studied (2) collect research information …

Ciccarelli Psychology, Chapter 12 Study Plan

The fact that Kitty Genovese did not receive help was most likely due to _____. the presence of multiple witnesses (Bystander Effect) Research on conformity suggests that if a _____ response is required, ______ show more conformity than ______. public; women; men The war in Iraq, the design of the ship Titanic, and the Challenger …

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