Artifical Insemination

OUTLINE WORKSHEET MOTIVATED SEQUENCE DESIGN| | | SPEECH TITLE | Topic: Artificial Insemination| Specific Purpose: To persuade people to use artificial insemination instead of adoption. | Thesis Statement: Artificial insemination is a topic not may people openly discus unless they have complications, but I want to tell you about somethings that might want to pick insemination, the sperm banks, as well as the donors one may have. | | | I. Introduction| A. Attention Material (focus attention on problem): As a high school student, you may ask yourself, “Why should I be concerned about having children? But once you are married and are ready to have kids, there is always a possibility that something could go wrong. And if adoption is not the path you choose to take then artificial insemination is going to be helpful. | | B. Tie to Audience: Right now many of you are 17, and 18 years old, so you are not planning to have children, hopefully, not for a while. But the information I will be giving, can be used in the future. Not everyone is able to have children naturally, it is sometimes necessary to professionally get impregnated. | | C.

Credibility Material: WebMD. 2005. 8 12 2011 <http://www. webmd. com/infertility-and-reproduction/guide/artificial-insemination>| | D. Thesis & Preview: | In my opinion insemination would be the path I pick over adoption, adoption there is always a possibility that the parent will come back and want to see their child, there is also the fact that you would need to tell that child “oh yeah, your adopted” and then have them be upset, or any other slight disappointment that might go wrong. One can use sperm banks, and known donors, to keep things simple.

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The easiest option is insemination! | (Transition into Body of Speech)| II. Body| A. Main Point #1 – Aritficial Insemenation | 1. (Statement of Need for Action) if one cannot get pregnant| a. (Description of Problem) Some people need to get | b. (Signs, Symptoms, Effects of Problem)| c. (Example, Narrative, or Testimony)| | 2. (Importance of Problem) some couples want to have children. | | b. (Facts/Statistics) More than three million married American women say they want to have babies but are physically unable to conceive. 45 percent of the nation’s nearly 27. million couples have been unable to have children or have had difficulty in conceiving: 19 percent have been sterilized for contraceptive reasons; 10 percent have been sterilized for other purposes, such as medical problems, and 16 percent, or 4. 3 million, were unable to have children for other reasons. | c. (Expert Testimony) | 3. (Who is Affected) mainly same sex couples, or couples that are not able to have children on their own. | a. (Facts/Statistics) The study by the National Center for Health Statistics also documents a marked increase of younger couples who are medically unable to have children.

It speculates the rise may result from the increasing cases of sterility-causing diseases| b. (Example/Narrative) | (Transition into Main Point 2)| B. Main Point #2 (Present Solution that Satisfies Need) sperm banks are located all over the world| 1. (Description of Solution) Insemination is when sperm is inserted into a woman’s uterus to attempt to create a pregnancy. Artificial insemination is a popular way for lesbians to get pregnant. A woman can use sperm from a known donor or from a sperm bank.

This can be a close friend or sometimes a relative of their partner| a. (How Solution Satisfies Need) it gives you the option to at least have a child whether you are a gay couple or don’t want to use your significant others sperm. | b. (How Solution can be Implemented)…. sperm bank? | (1) (Plan of Action) ? Sperm banks require donors to waive any parental rights. There is no danger the donor can seek custody or visitation of your child. ? Some sperm banks permit the child to access the donor once the child becomes an adult. Sperm banks test semen for diseases and collect health and genetic information from donors. | ? You know who he is: his health, family history, physical and mental health, characteristics and personality. ? He might be open to being involved in the child’s life. ? You don’t have to pay for the sperm, although you may have to pay a doctor to inseminateyou. | | | (Transition into Main Point 3)| C. Main Point #3 (Visualize Results) one would soon have a child to love and care for. | 1. (Describe Expected Results of Action) after 9 monthes one would have a BABY :D| 2. Describe Consequences of Inaction) it would cost sometimes up to $1,000 if not more, and plus having children is a very expensive thing so I would not recommend having a child unless you are financially stable. If using a random sperm you always have a risk of HIV, AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. | (Transition into Conclusion)| III. Conclusion| A. Brakelight: | B. Summary: Artificial insemination is a topic not may people openly discus unless they have complications, but I want to tell you about somethings that might want to pick insemination, the sperm banks, as well as the donors one may have. | C.

Tie Back to Audience:when you are older, deciding which road you may want to take, I hope the information I have given you helps with your planning process. | D. Concluding Remarks: (Call for Action! ) | CHECKLIST FOR MOTIVATED SEQUENCE DESIGN   * I have analyzed my audience on this topic & have determined they are ready for action. * I have narrowed my topic to focus upon a problem that needs to be solved with action * I have clearly stated the purpose of my speech. * My thesis statement is written as a complete declarative sentence. * My introduction focuses attention, establishes my credibility, & previews my message. The first main point in my speech establishes the need for action. * The second main point in my speech details a plan of action that satisfies the need. * The third main point in my speech visualizes the results of action and the consequences of inaction. * I have appropriate (adapted) supporting material for each main point in my speech. * The conclusion contains a summary statement & ends with a call for action. * I have provided transitions where they are needed to make my speech flow smoothly. * I have compiled a list of works consulted in the preparation of my speech. |

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