Breast Reduction

The Pros and Cons of a Breast Reduction Savanna Elevate Hudson Instructor: Pamela Congealed ENG 121 English Composition I July 29, 2014 The decision to have a breast reduction surgery came after years of continuous back pain throughout my life. My experience has been a real Journey in researching the right doctor and asking the right questions for this type of surgery. My Journey began in 2012 after many attempts to lose weight. I began doing several exercises with hope that my breast would firm up and I would see a change see a change with my weight.

After seeing no changes I decided to take another route. I tried many different diets, personal trainers, meal plans and body wrap suits. With that I tried I still say no results. Ultimately I decided that I should start looking into breast reduction surgery to see if it was a good fit for me. In 2014 after during all my research I find a surgeon and had my consultation. I was made aware of financial obligation which was ten-thousand dollars after discussing it with my significant other I then decided to have the surgery.

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I was made aware of the complications that old come from having this particular surgery. The complications could range from bleeding during surgery, possible of a stroke, heart attack, are even blood clotting. After finding the right doctor and discussing all the pros and cons then, I decided that it would be well worth the risk to have the surgery. I express to the surgery I wanted my current double H -bra size reduce c-cup. A week before surgery I completed my pre-pop and was cleared for surgery due to all labs being normal. The surgery was approximately three hours longs.

I was immediately after surgery I was admitted into the hospital due to my inability to fully wake after the surgery. The next morning following surgery I waken with severe pain, swelling, and soreness. I had bandage wrapped around my entire breast area with drainage tubes on the left and right side. I was hospitalized for two days and unable to move due excruciating pain. After two days of being hospitalized I was being discharge and I received my aftercare instructions. My instructions were a bit rigorous because I had to remember several things.

These things included getting use to wearing a bra purport, remembering to take my medications, applying medicated cream to the incision creams, and continuing to drain my breast pumps and keep them clean after showering. My significant other helps me with all my personal needs. He helped me bathes, put on my clothes and shoes, and even feed me. I needed help because I was not able to fend for myself. After a week I had my first doctor visit sense surgery, and my bandages were removed as well as the tubs. I didn’t know whether to be happy or cry when I looked at my scars in the mirror.

I observed the incision from the right underarm to my left underarm. I was also shown where both nipples were removed and replaced by being sewn back on. The doctor also told me he removed five pound of breast tissue from each breast. My doctor assured me that the swelling, drainage and pain would subside overtime. He also went over a few restriction that I had to follow while recover at home. I couldn’t lift my arms over my head, no bending are stretching, no exercising, and no other strenuous activities. I would have three- four doctors visit before I would be able to return to work.

I was out from work for eight week from the surgery. He also advised that the full recovery time could take up to one- two years. Since the reduction I went from a double H cup too C-cup and had to buy new clothes. I am now able to shop at my favorite which sis Victoria Secret. I really enjoy wearing tank tops, sun dresses, and sleeves shirts. Crop tops and sports bras. In going through with the surgery, it has been the greatest thing I could’ve done. I am happier than Vive been in years, and my health overall is excellent. Life as I know it now is awesome.

It is a great feeling to be able to run and play with the kids and not become short of breath, be able to function daily without any back pain, and most importantly wear clothing that looks great on me. I am no longer on a diet every other week. I have changed the way I eat, and Vive incorporated exercising, and increased my water intake for myself and my family as well. I learned how to buy the right foods, and how to eat them properly to ensure that it would help me burn calories. I would give word of advice to anyone that is thinking about having this surgery.

I would advise them to do extensive research on the doctors, always ask lots of questions and remember that no question is a dumb question. They’re many research tools available such as you-tube, which how the actual footage of the procedure and Google is helpful information on specialist and procedure. I would also make sure that you truly know what the complications are, and how it will change your life before you decide to do it. I suggest that you have a good support system to get you through your recovery. I truly thank my significant other for all his purport and encouragement from the beginning to the end as well other family members.

It’s also important to do your research on the surgery because it range anywhere from five thousand are more. I also make sure you’re able to be out from work least eight weeks for this type for surgery. Overall, I would not recommend this major surgery to anyone if there are other options available. After listening to several women that had this procedure done, and comparing and contrasting I am proud to say that I could not be happier by having had this surgery. This has truly been a life changing event in my life.

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