In a world of high technology we still have to have some type of interpersonal communications. Whether the communication is through a working or a personal one, getting the points across effectively is the main goal. Communication is a process of relating ideas or facts with other people. You may think of communication as only verbal, but the fact is there are several ways to relate messages, and I will discuss a few of those choices. Effective listening is also a key skill when it comes to communicating.

The purpose is to be able to not Just hear the communicator but to listen and understand to the best of your ability. We cannot survive unless there is some type of interpersonal communications. We need to know why we communicate and there are four reasons: 1 . Physical needs: A lack of social relationships could Jeopardize your health (Alder, Town p. 4). I have heard through Medical Research that a comatose patience can respond to a familiar voice. 2. Social Needs: Helping to define who we are. Communication provides a vital link with others (Alder, Town p. ) 3.

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Identity Needs: Our sense of identity comes from the way we interact with other people (Alder, Town p. 4) 4. Practical Goals: Getting others to behave in ways we want (Alder, Town p. 4). For whatever reason there is, we can be always be sure there will be a reason to commute a message to another party. Nonverbal communication is a way of sending messages other than spoken words. The vast majority of society does not realize how much non communication they actually. On a recent trip to school I notice a lady who shook her head in exasperations over a telephone conversation a girl was having.

The girl in turn, saw the lady and rolled her eyes. I looked at the both of them and smiled. It was quite evident we all understood the nonverbal conversation that was going on between us. Some nonverbal communication is universal such as facial expression for emotions: happiness, fear, anger and depression. I am ashamed to admit to that I Just realize that a uniform is a sign of communication. An example would be, a Policeman uniform lets me know he is a sign of authority and someone to go to for help. I only looked at it as Just his working uniform.

I never realize that through his uniform he was communicating. There is a cultural setback to nonverbal communicating; different hand gestures have different meanings. It is our responsibility to keep conflict down and find out the meaning before we start doing hand signals. Other than that, communicating nonverbally is an effectively way to send messages. Listening skills is an important form of communication it helps us to understand. An effective listening skill creates a positive relationship. There is a big difference teen listening, also known as hearing and effective listening.

Hearing is the transmitting of certain frequency and sounds. When we are effectively listening we understand what the other party is saying. This allows us to process the meaning of the words. If you listen well there is no need for confusion. I applied for a Job at a big insurance company after I graduated from high school. I met the lady from Human Resources, whom I made a good impression on. After I completed the math and typing test she gave me an application and clearly said “Read the application ND bring it back to the receptionist’s desk. I was reading the application as I filling it out. I got to the bottom of the last page of the application and it said “Do Not Complete This Application Take It to the Receptionist”. Page 2 It went on to say if you completed this application it shows you cannot follow instruction. Thank You and Goodbye. Needless to say, I put the application in my purse and left the premises. I missed my opportunity to work at Blue Cross/Blue Shield all because I was not effectively listening. This could have gone another way had I been paying attention. I hear her sounds but did not listen to words.

I learned a lot from that mishap. When I am engaged in a conversation with someone I give them my undivided attention. If there is something I don’t understand I ask them after they have finished talking. The way you listen to another person can often have an adverse effect on the person doing the talking if you are not effectively listening. According to the article A Manger’s Guild to Effective Listening, “ineffective listening is painful and carries with it the net results of damaging our relationships with other and our business. ” (Bayle, 1999).

I would like to address one of the most effective listening Jobs around is a 911 operator. I can only image how abusive people are to them because they want them immediately. They have to be calm and gather as many facts as possible.

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