Competencies Difference Between Adn vs Bsn

Running head: Differences in competencies between ADN and BSN The Differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-degree level versus the baccalaureate-degree level in nursing Mini Anthony Grand Canyon University: NRS 430v Professional Dynamics 01/08/11 ? The Differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-degree level versus the baccalaureate-degree level in nursing The nursing training or education started in 1860, after the Crimean war. This program was started by Florence Nightingale, based on her experience caring for the sick and injured soldiers during the war.

The first nursing school was established in London. During the United States civil war, the American women proved the capability of skilled nursing to provide better care for the sick and injured in the war. There was decrease in morbidity and mortality in the war camps. This motivated the women in the United States to form training schools for nurses based on the nightingale model (Woolsey, 1950; Dock, 1907). In the year1923 there was a recommendation, that the entry level of education for a professional nurse be a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

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As the years passed there was a severe shortage of nurses, to compensate this Mildred Montag, in the year 1951, found the Associate Degree in Nursing program. Associate degree nursing was a two year program. As the Associate Degree nursing flourished, the diploma education in nursing started to disappear. Associate degree programs produced more graduate nurses, than the Bachelor of Science and diploma nursing. Both associate degree graduate and baccalaureate degree graduate take the same NCLEX board exam for licensing and enter the same job.

The fast growing complex health care and broadening clinical knowledge are forcing nurses have educational preparation appropriate to the various demands. Since health care is moving towards primary and preventive care in the community, it requires nurses who can work both in the hospital care setting as well as the community. Nurses need to function independently, making clinical decisions, providing direct bedside care, case management, and providing education to patient and family in regards to treatment, disease condition and how to adapt a healthy life style. The nurses with baccalaureate degrees are prepared for this.

Difference between associate degree nurse and baccalaureate degree nursing The associate degree nurses are capable of working in a structured environment. They are good at bedside care, handling the equipment, and providing basic nursing care. The baccalaureate prepared nurses are good at what the associate degree nurses do, in addition to more complex care, leadership, management skill and patient education. They also construct and plan a thorough nursing care plan during the entire stay of a patient from the time of admission to discharge. Practice The graduates from associate degree programs work in the hospital environment.

The baccalaureate graduate can work in the hospital, as well outside the hospital in the community, providing primary and preventive care needed in the community. Technology The A D N graduate does not have research skills that are used in nursing, also technological advances that enhances the medical care delivery. When it comes to BSN graduate they are trained to handle technical problems that need critical thinking, leading to research and the use of technology to provide nursing care. Education The associate degree in nursing is fast and easily available. It can be completed in two years if all the pre-requisites are completed.

It costs less and prepares nurses clinically competent at bedside care. The baccalaureate degree nursing is expensive, and takes four years to complete. It prepares nurses for acute care and community care, and also trains in leadership and management. As the health care system is moving forward for primary care and management, prevention and cost effective care, it needs nurses who can work in a non-structured environment and be involved directly with the community providing health and prevention care. This requires baccalaureate nursing graduates. The demand for BSN is increasing and some states are making it mandatory.

In the future the associate nursing degree may disappear as the diploma in nursing program disappeared. Many hospitals are moving towards getting magnet status; this poses an importance on nurses getting baccalaureate degrees. They encourage their nurses to achieve it by providing tuition reimbursement and other incentives. The employment opportunity for BSN nurses are increasing and A DN opportunities are decreasing slowly. Research has proved the need for baccalaureate nurses, based on the studies in acute care hospital where the mortality rate is reduced, and improved patient satisfaction was noted.

Now the universities provide various choices for nurses who want to pursue their higher education as to meet the upcoming changes and standards. It can be done while working and at our pace and we get our degree with advanced knowledge and skills to meet the changing health care system. ? References Creasia, Joan L. , Friberg, Elizabeth E. (102010). Conceptual Foundations: The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice [5] (VitalSource Bookshelf), Retrieved from http://pagebursts. elsevier. com/books/978-0-323-06869-7/id/b9780323068697100029 _p0100 Taylor, D. (2008).

Should the entry into nursing Practice be the Baccalaureate degree? AORN Journal, 87(3), 611. Lane,S. , & Kohlenberg,E. (2010). The future of baccalaureate degrees for nurses. Nursing Forum, 45(4) 218-227 doi:10. 1111/j. 1744-6198-2010-00194. x Disparities in competencies between bsn and adn, rn nurses. (2011, september 12). Retrieved from http://academicwritingtips. org/competent/k2/item/4113-disparities-in-competencies Nursing articles to bsn or not to bsn-that is the nurse’s question. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. nursingdegree. net/articles/se060326-bsn-nurse-htm

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