Consumer Market Profile Worksheet

Demographic market description: Describe the demographic details of your target market. The following items include general descriptive categories you might identify for your customers. Skip items which are not applicable and add items that are. ; Age range ; Income range ; sex ; Occupation ; Marital Status ; Family size ; Ethnic Group ; Level of Education ; Home ownership ; Other 2. Geographic market description: ; Area served (city, region, nation, etc. ) ; Density (urban, rural, suburban, etc. ) ; Location (mall, strip center, business district, etc. Climate conditions 3. Lifestyle description: What kind of people need or want your product or service? Your natural instincts and experience with customers should give you some sense of what your customers are interested in. A little research can help you identify other aspects of your target market’s lifestyle. 3-1 . Cryptographic description: Describe your target market in terms of selections made from the following terms relevant to your business. ; Technically adept ; Status seeking ; Trend-setting ; Conservative ; Socially responsible ; Environmentally conscious ; Smart shopper ; Family-oriented ;Fun-seeking

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Consumer Market Profile Worksheet
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