The emphasis is on the technology itself more than information (as in Information Systems) … ” What is Information Systems? “Information Systems specialists focus on integrating information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of businesses and other enterprises, enabling them to achieve their objectives in an effective and efficient way… ” Definition by: Scam’s Computing Curricula 2005 Overview Report Version 2. 1 Updated July 2010 Table of Contents No. Contents Page Introduction Kit’s Vision and Mission 3 About the Department The Background of BIT Programmer

The Objectives of BIT Programmer 4 Programmer Learning Outcomes Career Opportunity BIT Curriculum Structure Entry Requirement 5 Graduation Requirement University Required Courses Killingly Required Courses 6 Department Required Courses 7 Department Elective Courses 8 Minor in Business Administration 10 Final Year Project 11 Industrial Attachment 12 Appendix A: Course Code Format 13 Study Plan for BIT Programmer Study Plan for BIT with Minor in Business Administration 2 This document provides an overview of the Killingly and the Department, the background of the BIT programmer, the programmer objectives, the curriculum Truckee, and the synopsis of each course. KILLINGLY OF ACT’S VISION AND MISSION Vision: To be an international Centre of Educational Excellence in CIT imbued with Islamic values and ethics. Mission: I. To develop high impact global players in ‘CT. It.

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To produce CIT leaders and knowledge-workers who are versatile, innovative, entrepreneurial in response to the societal needs. Iii. To promote CIT as the key enabler in the transformation of the Amah. ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT The Department of Information Systems (AD’S) was first established in 1998 under the Killingly of Economics & Management Sciences. With the establishment of KIT in 001, IDS was transferred into the new Killingly. At the moment, IDS has about 36 academic staff, and about 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Currently, IDS offers the Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT) at the undergraduate level, Master in Information Technology (MIT) at the Masters level, and PhD in Information Technology (P_IT) at the doctoral level.

The Master programmers are currently offered in four modes I. E. Master by research, coursework, coursework and dissertation, and coursework and research project. The PhD programmer is currently offered by research mode only. THE BACKGROUND OF THE BIT PROGRAMMER The initial programmer offered under the Killingly of Economics & Management was called Bachelor of Management Information Systems (BUMS). The first batch graduated in September 2001. With the formation of KIT in November 2001, BUMS was transferred to KIT. In July 2002, a revised curriculum for BUMS was introduced, whereby the Killingly- Required courses were revamped to reflect the technology- oriented programmer.

Although managerial courses are still an important component in the new BIT curriculum, the proportion has been reduced drastically to accommodate for more IT related courses, following the standards set by the Ministry f Higher Education of Malaysia. The revised curriculum was renamed as the Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT). In October 2004, the BIT programmer received the recognition by the Public Services Department of Malaysia, which implies that Ill-JAM BIT graduates are nationally recognized as at par, if not better, than other BIT graduates in the country. In June 2008, the Ill-JAM Senate endorsed the new BIT programmer for the new students in Semester 1, 2008/2009.

Hence, the Department is concurrently running two BIT programmers; the BIT programmer for batch of students 073 and below, and the BIT programmer for 081 and above. The BIT programmer is focused towards providing in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in major areas of Information Technology to the students. Students following the programmer are required to complete substantial amount of management and business related courses besides IT or Computer Science courses. The business exposure is necessary for the new breed of IT/IS professionals, as effective and efficient use of the technology is an important element in achieving competitive advantage for business organizations and excellence in service for government and non-profit organizations.

The main objective of the Ill-JAM BIT programmer is to produce IT professionals with the following competencies: Strong technical skills – able to comprehend the sophistication of IT, as well as able to determine, develop and manage information systems as needed by the organization; Sufficient management and problem solving skills – able to make good decisions related to IT use and implementation in organizations; Innovative and entrepreneurial – ability to identify strategic opportunities in using IT that lead organizations to gaining competitive edge or providing superior services; Strong ethical and moral values – applying Islamic values in their professionalism as well as having good moral character. At the end of the programmer, the BIT students are expected to: 1 . Acquire and apply the knowledge, tools and methodologies of IT. 2. Demonstrate an ability to understand and analyses the fundamental aspects of business organizations, models and processes. 3. Integrate IT-based solutions into user environments within business, organization and societal context in accordance to standards and good practices. 4.

Demonstrate effective communication, teamwork, managerial, entrepreneurial and leaderships skills. 5. Demonstrate an ability to evaluate the impacts of IT in global, economic, environmental and societal context. 6. Demonstrate an ability to adhere to the professional and ethical responsibility in developing and utilizing IT in accordance to the teachings of Islam. 7. Recognize the need for, and ability to engage in life long learning.

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