Education and Best Teacher

First out of town I was 7 years old when my family had a vacation in my mothers province, Zebu. It was in the middle of December when we go there. We celebrate Christmas together with my family and relatives. It was very fun, because it’s my first time to meet my relatives there. Also there we celebrate my birthday at the same time New year. I experienced a lot in Zebu, I ride a horse, cow and other animals in my Loll’s farm which is one of the memorable moments in my entire life. I describe Zebu as awesome, not Just the place but also the people out there. B. Stories that you can’t forget (3) .

The story of sleeping beauty. It’s the story of a princess who was asleep and the thing that would makes the princess awake is a man who would kiss her. 2. The story of Juan Tama. It’s the story of a man who was very lazy. Instead of picking a fruit he Just wait until it fall. 3. The story of turtle and rabbit. It’s the story of a rabbit who was very confident that he was going to win in the race against the turtle and he Just sleep until he notice that the turtle is in the finish line and won. C. First teacher and first lesson My first teacher was my mother, she teach me different lessons when I was young.

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She taught me how to write, how to color, how to dance, how to sing, how to make a things with the use of clay and many more. But the important lesson that she taught to me is to how to deal well to others. She says that it is important that you have a respect to your fellow people so that they can respect you in return. D. First day of school Its been a 12 years when I started to go to school, that’s why I don’t even remember what happen to me that time. And I asked my mother who was there for me in my first day of school. I was studying in pre-school in Mahogany Day Care Center.

My other says that I don’t cry in my first day of school because of two reasons. First, my mother don’t leave me until the class end and Second, my bestrides who named Karen is my classmates that’s why she says that I was enjoying my days in schools. E. First Award Positive As far as I remember, I got my first award when I was studying in pre-school. There I got a honor which is top and the honor of best in Math. I’m so happy when I got that award that’s why my mother prepared some foods to celebrate my award. Negative My first award that I can say that it’s a negative is when I was in second year high school.

Although I receive a top my friend who supposed to be my bestrides is going to transfer in other school. Ill. The most unforgettable events in your life A. Positive/Good 1. One of the unforgettable events in my life was when I was in elementary. I receive an honor when I was in grade one, I got a best in math. It was memorable because I was in front of my fellow students holding the medal and the ribbon. 2. One of the unforgettable events in my life was when we celebrate Christmas and New year in Cavity with my Toto and TIA. I was very happy because it was my first time to celebrate Christmas and New year in other place.

It become memorable because we did a lot to had fun. 3. When I was in high school I receive a lot of awards like, best in math, best in chemistry, top, top and top. Im so happy because I did it with my own hardwood. It became memorable because I was in stage in front of all the students when I receive the awards. B. Negative/Bad 1. When I was in third year high school, I was a honor student I receive a top at the end of the year, that’s why I went to top section when I was in 4th year. Although in the others it is a good for me it was bad because my classmates in 3rd year is not the name classmates I have in 4th year. . When I was in 1st year college. Our PEE is dancing, and dancing is not my passion, that’s why in every time we dance IM so very frustrated and at the same time shy. 3. When I was in grade school, I walking in the middle of the hallway and suddenly I was fall. IV. Best Teacher for me Every person have their own definitions of a best teacher. For me, a best teacher can set high expectations for all students. Also a best teacher are well prepared and organized, they are in their respective classrooms early and ready to teach.

But the cost important is they can form strong relationships with their students and show that they care about them as a person. 1. Mr.. Michael Tortes Bonito He was my most favorite teacher in my whole college life. Its because his characteristics as a professor suits to my own definitions of a best teacher. He was very open to all of his students, he is very approachable and also he is handsome 2. Mr.. Edward Albert Celeste One of the characteristic of him as a professor that I like was his intellectual ability. He is very familiar and ready overtime we have a discussion and at the same time e can explain it very ell. . Ms. Grace Jazzing She my teacher in speech and world literature this semester also in Modern communications back then when I was in 1st year. I like her as a professor because she’s good not only in teaching but also I like it the way she taught us. 4. Ms. Et Rareness I include him to my best teacher because his way of teaching grab my attention. He is very strict and he wants us to learn until the class end. 5. Mrs.. Susann Gene This teacher is very good in teaching, overtime we have a class she always makes us laugh that’s why our attention focus on her more. V.

Worst/Unwanted Teacher For me, the qualities of a bad/worst teacher are he/she is lack of organizational skills. Every teacher has to keep up with so many things on a daily basis that they must be organized to do their Jobs effectively. A teacher can’t be a best teacher if he/she is lack of classroom management. Lastly, he/she must act as a professional in a sense that he/she is not always absent nor late. 1. Mr.. Lovers Haploid To be honest, I don’t like the way he manage the class, its because every time that one of my classmates makes mistake he is always implicating the whole class. 2. Mr.. Ian Verb

One of his characteristic that I don’t like is he is not approachable. 3. Mr.. Panic He is my NSP professor, I don’t like him because he don’t discuss any matter that covers the lesson. He is Just checking the the attendance and that’s it. 4. Mr.. Ryan Macaulay He’s approachable but, the way he deal with his class is very unprofessional. 5. Estella Merman She is definitely good at explaining the lesson. But I don’t like the way she discuss, she is Just explaining and she don’t make a recitation for us. VI. Places I have visited Last March 8, 2014, me and my classmates in first year went to Enchanted garden in

Angst Vulcan for an educational tour. There’s a lot of people who was saying that I was a beautiful places that’s why IM so excited which makes me prepared my stuffs a night before the tour. We are so happy in the middle of our ride. And when we got to Enchanted Garden, I’m so amaze with the beautiful views of it. I describe it as awesome, not only the places but also the people out there. They are all hospitable to the visitors. The wind is very fresh looks like you are in the province. I promise that its not only the last time that I going to visit it.

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