Home Depot

In addition they also responded to concerns bout its environmental impact by creating new standards to govern its relationship with its suppliers. The legitimacy of the company and stakeholders also showed because they wanted to make sure that Home Depot’s appearance of being environmentally responsible is not a sham. Home Depot showed their urgency by responding immediately to growing need for large corporations to become economically responsible. Home Depot strategies and performance with the environmental and employee stakeholders is a proactive approach as well as doing ore than what is required in the industry.

They have donated millions to Red Cross and other relief funds, they also opened workshops for women, children and new homeowners. This earned them a “A” on the Council on Economic Priorities Corporate Report Card and a Proactive on their business approach to be environmentally and socially responsible. Home Depot Justified the budgeting of so much money for philanthropy as a publicly traded company because they feel that this is something the stakeholder like to see in a company.

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When Home depot suspended the stock uh-back program in 2007 to avoid losses and to prevent from borrowing they used their own revenues to cover their expenses. The stakeholders and customers were happy that the company could stay a float as well as donate millions to environmental and social issues. Home Depot may also benefit from some type of scholarship fund or tuition reimbursement program for the employees. Or saving as many tree in the Rain Forest as they cut down in other forests by donating. Home Depot stopping expansion of new stores and upgrading the remaining stores seem to e a good strategic plan.

By using their on revenues to cover their expenses instead of borrowing prove to be a good measure as well because as the recession subsides they were still the number one in the industry and did not owe any creditors. My suggestion to the CEO is to continue doing as you are and you will continue to be number in the industry. Key Stakeholders And Concerns : Shareholders: economic and profit concerns Employees: EEOC concerns Environmental: Abiding by Environmental Principles Customers: has the stores improved Key Facts:

Home Depot manage customers relations by consolidating marketing and merchandising functions; Which helped customers to do home improvement projects more effectively and efficiently. The company had its ups and downs with its ratings due to their proactive approach. They showed good customer service and social responsibility by starting workshops for women, children and new home owners to teach them basic carpentry skills, starting as young as five years old. Home depot Environmental initiates started when they adopted a set of environmental principles .

Guided by these principles, Home Depot has initiated a number of programs to minimize the firm’s and its customers impact on the environment. Home Depot focuses corporate social responsibility efforts on affordable housing and disaster relief. In 2002 the company founded the Home Depot Foundation, which provides additional resources to assist nonprofits in the United States and Canada. 1997 the company settled a class- action lawsuit brought by female employees who alleged that they were paid less than male employees, awarded fewer pay raises, and promoted less often.

Home Depot encourages employees to become involved in the community through volunteer and civic activities. Home Depot has worked to show that it appreciates workforce diversity and seeks to give all its associates an equal chance to be employed and advance in its stores. CEO Frank Blake decided to halt expansion and focus on improving existing stores. Shut down expo stores that catered to the wealthier class. Home Depot reaction to the recession was swift and decisive. Initiated new technology to improve customer service and become more efficient.

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