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Are you back in Boston ? G Chris C. July 21 Chris C. Affiliate Marketing… Hi Lars, We have an exciting Affiliate Marketing position open at… Shannon Cooper July 16 Shannon Cooper Invitation to connect on… Hi Lars, We are fellow members of Nonstarters, and I value having… Notifications. You have 1 unseen notification Notifications Julia Fisher Julia Fisher Student at Northeastern University is now a connection View Profile mahatma Handler Matt Handler also congratulated Choral Giuliani on the new Job: “Congratulations!

Hope everything is… ” View Update martini Fox Martin Fox published a new post: “Purpose-driven pursuit of less vs.. Ego driven pursuit of more” View Post Brian Tracy Brian Tracy I Help Business Owners and… 3 people viewed your profile Angel Yap +2 Angel Yap and 2 more See All 1 1 headed McLaughlin Dave McLaughlin published a new post: “New Data Shows Simple Solution to Inside Sales’ Biggest Problem” View Post been Mullion Ben Mullion Director of Distribution Canada at… D You have 2 new connections Alexander Terrine Sarah Daughter Alexander Terrine and Sarah Daughter See alderman Fox published 2 new posts: “Have business plans gone the way of the dinosaur? ” View Posts ad You have 5 new connections Less Brown Dave McLaughlin Ritchie Flynn Bambina Shah Michael Arabian Less Brown, Dave McLaughlin, Ritchie Flynn, Bambina Shah and 1 more See All Add Connections Lars King Home Profile Connections Jobs Interests Business Services Try Premium for free People also viewed Bryant Ramirez, Poundage’s: Non-profit…

View next search result Gabriel Mishap Writer and Host Los Angels, Glorifications and Editing Current Thiele. TV, self Previous Cirque du Sole, Dolomite Consulting, Strategy & Operations, Bruin Consulting Education University of California, Los Angels connectedness a massager options Relationship Contact Info Connected 1 year ago Background Summary Hi there! I’m a writer and host based in Los Angels, California. My writing, which began with The North Korea Blob (the first DEEP culture/ entertainment/satire blob of its kind), has been featured on The Huffing Post, Business Insider and Technology.

I’ve written editorials, humor pieces, news features and screenplays, and have a special love for writing film and television. I also host The Lip News on The Lip TV, a Youth channel that features live and unscripted news and interviews, where I cover culture, business and entertainment. I began my career at Dolomite, where I advised companies in the media, technology ND banking industries on growth, new product development, mergers and acquisitions, and operational improvement. I helped develop the Strategy & Operations practice and served as Chief of Staff of Dolomite’s Editorial Board.

I then Joined Cirque du Sole to architect a new strategic plan and build up the Corporate Strategy department for the global circus. With the corporate strategy team, I developed new business models, conducted industry analysis, and evaluated new product and investment opportunities in consumer products, film and television, hospitality, live entertainment and venture capital. Specialties: Writing, editing, strategy, operations, mergers and acquisitions, product, industry analysis, marketing, structuring and solving problems, entrepreneurship, public speaking, blobbing, sharing, getting excited about cool people and great ideas.

Experience Host Thiele. TV March 2014 – Present (7 months)Greater Los Angels Area I host The Lip News, where I cover business, culture and entertainment, and interview interesting subjects writers, Journalists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs from all over the world. The Lip TV The up TV Writer self August 2011 – Present (3 years 2 months)Greater Los Angels Area I’ve written everything from editorials to screenplays to ad copy. Business Insider and Technology. I’ve also written several screenplays, and currently work as a writer for other film and TV projects.

Building on my background in the business world, I also work closely with companies to develop their content and style, bridging strategy and marketing with great words and ideas. Cirque du Sailboarder Cirque du Sole April 2011 – January 2012 (10 months)Montreal, Canada Area I worked with the corporate strategy team to re-imagine the vision for the circus, analyze the entertainment landscape, identify new areas of growth, and develop a roadman for execution. My primary areas of focus were product and investment analysis, new business models, market entry and the disciplined implementation of strategic initiatives.

Dolomite Consulting, Strategy & Oversimplification’s (2010-2011), Business Analyst (2008-2010) Dolomite Consulting, Strategy & Operations July 2008 – March 2011 (2 years 9 months)Los Angels, New York, South America As a management consultant in the Strategy & Operations practice, I worked on 10+ engagements in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, new product development and operational efficiency for clients in the entertainment, technology, uncial services, telecommunications and life sciences industries.

I also worked internally to build new business, recruit high-quality talent, and enhance the firm’s approach to developing and counterclaiming its intellectual property. President Bruin Consulting May 2007 – March 2008 (1 1 months)Greater Los Angels Area I was a founding director of this innovative professional-development society and built the organization into a thriving non-profit at UCLA.

I led the group’s case competitions, corporate relations and branding, and helped bridge the gap between university and professional life. (Open)l recommendation Michelle Hernandez Manager, Executive Recruiting at Cognizant Technology Solutions Gave is not only extremely professional and articulate, but he exudes a sense of pride and excitement about the various organizations he’s involved with. I met Gave at a Career Fair at UCLA in 2007, and he was the first to Jump in and help Acquits…

View Skills -rope Skills strategy competitive Analysis belonging business Strategy management 1 public Speaking mergers & Acquisitions Spanish consulting market Analysis Gabriel also knows about… Mergers acquisition Integration creative Writing strategic Planning French product Management corporate Communications asocial Media Marketing entertainment analytics business Analysis copy;rating management Consulting news Writing screenwriting See 17+ B. A. Philosophy, English Minor 2004 – 2008 Activities and Societies: Bruin Consulting Additional Info Management, entrepreneurship, strategy, yoga, reading, writing, exercise Personal Details Birthday December 1 Organizations Additional Organizations Bruin Consulting, Phi Beta Kappa Honors & Awards Additional Honors & Awards Phi Beta Kappa, Rose Gilbert Honors Scholarship, College Honors, Dean’s Honors, Kalmia Prize for Intellectual Excellence in Philosophy Recommendations Received (1)Steven (3) Lars, would you like to recommend Gabriel?

Recommend Gabriel President UCLA in 2007, and he was the first to Jump in and help Acquits Group get involved with Bruin Consulting. Since then, he has gone above and beyond to help our company network with BC and its… More April 29, 2008, Michelle was with another company when working with Gabriel at Bruin Consulting Connectional (500+)Shared Sad Khans Khan Non-linear thinker,Venture / Angel investor, Partner at CAME Capital

Confederation Leapfrogging Lollopped Find often-surprising solutions to leadership and relationship challenges Connectedness Causeway Swanked SCOFF at Dropped Concentrated Landownership Lombardi Software Imagination Expert Conjecturally Diversification Davidson Venture Investor Concentrated Monosyllable Monkeys Managing Director at Pinnacle Group International Connects Matthew Stepfather Steepened General Manager/ Strategy Consultant Connects Bartend Tyrannosauruses Turnstone Author, Comedian, Speaker & Co-Founder/CEO of Cultivated Wit Connections Mesilla Messiness

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Green Builder, Achievement Architect Connectionists Machineries McKay Principal at Verity Consulting Inc Connects Preciousness Groups Content Writer Job Dowelled Source Network I Private Equity, Venture Capital, M&A Deal Flow Dowelled Source Network I Private Equity, Venture Capital, M&A Deal Flow Join Dolomite US Dolomite. Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections! Media and Entertainment: Networking, Forum and Jobs See 6 more Following Entertainment Follow Schools Greater Los Angels Area People Similar to Gabriel Tracy Kate Tracy Catered Writer/ProJect Manager

Connect Robert Slate Stephen Humphreys Taylor Van Resale Brian Hutchins Kerri Farnsworth Feasible Adam Bray Larry H. Penn McCall Wright Jane Gould Railcar State Writer Writer Next People Also Viewed Bryant Ramirez CEO, Poundage’s: Non-profit Redefining Internship for Millennial Era & Senior Strategic Management Consultant in Tech Jacqueline Laird Jacqueline Laird MBA Candidate 201 5 at Berkeley – Has Justine Needlewoman Senior Consultant in Strategy & Operations at Dolomite Jordan Harbinger Co-Founder, The Art of Charm, Inc. ; On-Air Talent (Tallyhos Host) at Sirius Satellite Radio Kevin Clearly Kevin Clearly

Partner, Pokka Entertainment Elizabeth Kara Indies Film Producer-Radio Free Alphabet/Actress-HOUSE, RE, Veronica Mars, etc. Kristin Dormant MBA Intern at Rent the Runway Christine McKay Jason Cosigns MM, Signal Entertainment Marketing; Founder, Specious. Com Subbed Koala MBA Intern, Commercial Strategy at Genetic In Common with Gabriel 8 Skills & Expertise 3 Help Center AboutPressBlogCareersAdvertisingTalent Isolationism’s BusinessMobileDevelopersLanguage Upgrade Your Account Linked Corporation O 2014 User Geriatricians Policymaking Guidelines Cookie Polychromatic Polycyclic Feedback

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