Before Introduction Good evening ladies & gentlemen. As event will be beginning shortly, may we invite everyone to kindly take your seats. Thank you. Introduction Good evening [_____________, ____________] ladies and gentlemen. I’m ___________ and I’m __________ we will be your emcees for this evening. On behalf of Linglingay Association, we would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to grace this blissful occasion. So relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. Opening prayerBefore we start, may I call on _____________ for the opening prayer.

Pambansang AwitPlease remain standing for the singing of Pambansang Awit to be lead by __________________. Marching of Officers Before anything else, we would like to acknowledge the key persons who took a great part of this joyous affair. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to introduce to you the Linglingay Association’s officers. Let’s start off. Please make a stand and march as your name is called. So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, our most distinguished set of Linglingays Association’s officers.

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Let us once again give them a big round of applause. Message of the PresidentAnd now let’s welcome the Linglingay Association’s Chairperson. Let us give her a big hand for a job well done. Intoduction of Guest Speaker 1Without further ado, we would like to warmly welcome ___________. Sir/ Madam, thank you so much for your support. Speaker 2May I have your attention please, as we welcome _______________. Thank you sir/ Madam for gracing this occasion. Speaker 3Also with us here tonight and it is with great pleasure to have our guest speaker _________.

Thank you _______________ for going out of your way to be with us. Speaker 4And now, we are truly happy to have here with us the ______________________ Thank you ___________ for sparing your precious time with us. Speaker 5For our next speaker, Friends lets give a big hand to ______________. Thank you Ma’am, it’s our pleasure to have you with us. Dance numbersAnd now, the moment we have all been waiting for, presenting to you the __________________ for their dance presentation. Thank you for that gracious presentation.

Now, May we bring your attention to the dance floor as we welcome ____________________. Asking officials or guest to dance on floorNow may we invite ____________ to be on floor to show his/their talent/s in dancing. Sir the floor is yours. Food In just a few moments ladies and gentlemen food will be served. Enjoy! Ladies & gentlemen, we hope you have been enjoying your food so far. Closing remarksMay we now call on _____________, for tha closing message. With that, on behalf of Linglingay Association, we would like to once again hank everyone for gracing this occasion. We hope that you have enjoyed the celebration as much as we have enjoyed hosting it to you. We wish a flourishing new year ahead of everyone. Thank you. Others Welcome scriptsWe would like to acknowledge the arrival of _____________. Welcome and Thank you for sharing your time with us. We would like to recognize the arrival of _____________. Thank you for coming sir. We would like to acknowledge the presence of __________. Thank you sir,and Welcome to the Linglingay’s Association New year’s ball.

Thank youAgain Thank you for your participation, you may now return to your seats. Sir, Madam, Thank you so much for your generosity. Additional scriptsSo I guess that’s about it. I hope I did not miss out anyone. If I did, please be so kind to remind me. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Holidays like Christmas and New Year bring families together. It refreshes the family ties and friendship that have gone out of date and almost forgotten against the toll of time and distance. Goodbye message to speakersThank you for being with us tonight, sir _________.

Have a safe trip! Thank you for sharing your precious time sir ________. Happy new year and have a safe trip. Thank you for gracing this occasion ___________. May you have a safe trip! Welcome the associations and give their names to the emcee (get their representatives for pageants and boy pick up): Message booth: Food for the associations: For the guest speakers: Food for the judges: Game: Trip to JerusalemMs. Gay Linglingay Boy pick upGame ka na ba? (10 per association) Mr. and Miss LinglingayBalloons Disco king and queen Bingo

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