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A lot of people are confused when it comes to phones/electronic devices and their operating systems on their device, ISO android and Windows are the most important competitors when it comes to operating systems on different phones. Software that operates our phones is called the Mobile Operating Systems/ Mobile SO. Phone operating systems do not have to be made by one company; instead they are being made by several companies grouped.

For example devices that run under Android are grouped together these SO are all made by Google, Devices that operate with ISO are made by Apple, and devices that operate with Windows are made by Windows. I work in sales of phone and tablet. What do I want to sell my consumer; Android, ISO or windows devices? Well this can be different for each consumer depending on their needs. I always look for my customer ‘s preference when it comes to operating systems and from their I can push the right product to the right consumer.

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Another factor that matter is the cost my consumer is looking to spend… There is a perfect intention going on between these three major SO developers; as a result, this competition benefits the consumer in many ways. First is the price range they can pick from; second is the quality of the product and third is the model of the device using that specific SO and so on. I am enjoying this business because of the markets competition and the development of many different SO and devices (Technology is ruling the world).

Working in technology field benefits me in one major way; I am always up-to-date on what comes out in the market and how the companies develop their operating system that fits their business the best. This makes me be one of the first to get a Job when looking for one. Windows is the most known in the market for its long existence in our market. Most companies and their devices have been using Windows 95 to windows 7 (latest SO), but does the existence matter these days?

After researching I have discovered that businesses look for time efficient software, or in other words we can say that businesses are looking for something that requires less maintenance with high productivity. Windows has failed in that matter. Their SO has been failing along with crashes requiring high maintenance. For example CPA updates their Computers regularly because Windows is not following the technology as quickly compared to its competitors, isn’t that time consuming Job? Yes it is time consuming along with time comes money. Now we have talked about CPA and its computers/SO.

Let me now talk about how they perform in the phone industry. They have lost lots of money in creating phones operating under Windows SO. Their phones are not user friendly. First, their Windows phones do crash regularly; which scares most of us, we don’t want to be typing a text massage and before you know it reboots. This is caused by a weak software development. Second, how many phone applications do Windows offer their consumers? Well I can answer you confidently; they are behind with lots of applications compared to ISO and Android.

All together this led to loss of lots of customers; along with that Windows had and still have a loss in the stock market over the past couple years. My personal opinion, I would not purchase any windows device neither would I invest in their stocks. I am not seeing any improvement in their products so I don’t encourage anyone to invest in it. Even though they are doing better in their stocks I don’t see bright future for this company. Google has grown ridiculously over the past couple years. They started with creating search engines to buying over major websites like Youth and android SO.

Let us focus more on the SO of Google ‘Android’ Google purchased android SO in 2005 to create a big market for android smart phones; which they were successful in doing so. Over the past 6 years they have made sure that most phone manufactures use their SO for their devices as well some of computer/tablet manufactures are stepping over to android SO, but sadly they haven’t been as successful in creating demand in he market, I do believe in their product and they will eventually come up with something that will make businesses and other consumers step away from windows.

Their biggest competitor is Apple (android). Android has won made major changes in the phone industry creating a big demand for android devices, a par of these devices are phones and tablets. Over the past years android has been successful in creating an open source SO; meaning that everyone can create an application and put it in their android market for consumers to download. Reason behind creating an open resource SO is that it becomes attractive to each individual, now you can download any application that fits you the best without it being filtered by Google.

You might question yourself now; is an open source attractive to businesses as it’s attractive to other consumers? The answer to that is NO, when you are having an open source you have a leak of security in business privacy. That is a main reason for companies to choose another SO over android; not a major issue for Google because they are trying to target the smart phone industry over major businesses and the use of PC’s within businesses and other computer users. Now that I have explained what Google (android) let’s talk about their stocks.

Their stocks has been improving along with their SO sales, Android SO is getting to a high demand in the smart phone industry. Their biggest competitor is Apple ISO these two companies I would definitely invest in their stock market because each is targeting the highest consumer demand in our telecommunication industry. We are being depended to our smart phones and other electronic devices that these companies will succeed in some way (android & ISO). Android stock has gone up with 4. 01% over the past 5 years (reporting Nasdaq).

ISO (APPLE) is a preferred SO in the many businesses and that’s why their stock has been going up for the past 5 years. Businesses have been changing their SO to ISO and that’s the reason why their stock in the market has been improving yearly; it’s a good choice to invest in Apple now since they are winning the competition not in price but more in quality of their software and a perfect customer service that is there to help you whenever you need them 2417. Now we can tell that the consumer that’s choosing this product did not really go after the price range but more likely is going after the service and quality.

Apple is growing fast since their Apple Phone and its accessories; example, Apple TV, Phone/ tablet docks and so on. Apple is more focused on how they can be the most efficient in business as well they made their SO the most secured; reason behind this is a closed source; meaning, no one can add or enter their application market place without being filtered by Apple. From a consumer stand point; consumers are looking for something that is durable and easy use.

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