Success of Mcdonalds

As a husband and Father of two children, I’d like to say I’m an expert on McDonalds, especially the modern day McDonalds which is a lot different than when I was a kid. Today, McDonald’s is practically everywhere in the world and is a part of their cultures. The explanation of McDonald’s success can be derived from many things, but the ones that stand out are first their branding. They have been around for over sixty-five years and that certainly helps with branding. As of today, McDonald’s success in the public’s eye is that they have quality food at a low price that is given to the customer quickly with great service and clean facilities.

The planning, organization, leadership and controlling by McDonald’s are about as cutting edge as you can get when it comes to fast food restaurants. I’m going to talk about these four points and they will tell you why McDonald’s is the number one fast food chain in the world. The McDonald’s chain is composed of company owned restaurants as well as franchised restaurants which make up over sixty-five percent of the operating McDonald’s outlets. Now because of this many of the restaurants are controlled and run separate from one another.

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McDonald’s is not just around to gain profits, but to survive not only the American recession, but also the global market. They strive to be the best employer for people in each community around the world, deliver operational quality to their customers in each and every restaurant and achieve profitable growth by continuing to expand their brand and using their strengths to continue to be innovative and take advantage of modern technology. So yes, McDonald’s knows what they are doing, but that wasn’t always the case. Back when they first opened, they were only open for lunch and dinner.

So approximately from 7:00 a. m. to 7:00 p. m. and they did well, but today most McDonald’s restaurants are open twenty-four hours a day. Many fast food chains have copied this idea in order to keep up with McDonalds. From a planning standpoint, McDonald’s is always coming up with innovative ideas to continue to their branding. When you watch a couple hours of television in the evening, no matter what channel, you are going to see a McDonald’s commercial. They are typically very fresh and memorable and that’s without a doubt on purpose.

The planning that goes into McDonald’s marketing is to always be two steps ahead of their competition. You also probably can’t help but see at least one billboard from McDonald’s on the way to work. Again, this to McDonald’s in your head for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another big part of McDonald’s planning is to stay modern. Our American culture has gotten increasingly obese over the decades and McDonald’s takes a lot of heat for this. This is why they came up with their healthy menu a few years back so people had the choice to eat healthy.

I believe another big part of McDonald’s planning is to tap into markets that they haven’t reached before. Sure McDonald’s has been serving coffee for years, but who doesn’t like a good cup of Starbuck’s coffee? I know I love my Starbuck’s in the morning and this is where McDonald’s decided to tap into the gourmet coffee drinker market recently by coming up with the McCafe. They now serve frappuccinos, gourmet coffee and iced coffees. This was brilliant in my opinion because now when you go to McDonald’s in the morning for your Egg McMuffin, you can now get a Starbucks quality gourmet coffee.

McDonald’s has done very well with this addition to their menu and this is why McDonald’s has been and will continue to be the number one fast food chain in the world. As far as organizing, McDonald’s has franchises all over the world now and they continue to grow at a blistering pace. Their goal is to make sure that globally, each restaurant caters to specific cultures. What is on the menu in my southern California McDonald’s is different that say a McDonald’s in Europe. Having been stationed in Germany, I can definitely attest to this. So organizationally, McDonald’s continues their success by globally rganizing and implementing innovations to each of their franchises all over the world. Even the McCafe, as new as it is, is launching in McDonald’s franchises across the globe. Leadership is vital the McDonald’s success. Without strong leadership, who knows what would have happened to the McDonald’s brand. In 2001, the Human Resource Design Center for McDonald’s Corporation initiated the development of a special leadership development program for a select number of high potential managers identified as candidates for possible promotion into a key role in its system, that of regional manager.

The program was entitled “McDonald’s Leadership Development Experience”. This program, now twelve years young, is breeding leadership within its own walls. Having read about the program, it’s very extensive and well thought out and this is just one of the reasons why McDonald’s continues to have strong leadership. Now as far as McDonald’s controlling is concerned, they do have very strict controls and guidelines in place to ensure that all of their restaurants are uniform. This is really one of the qualities that separate themselves from the competition.

The strict controls in place for each McDonald’s franchise don’t just apply to the ones here in the United States, but all over the world. Things like uniform restaurant hours, quality control standards and strict hiring criteria for employees are just a few of the things that McDonald’s has in place to ensure that all of their restaurants in the world have a high standard of excellence. McDonald’s has been successful for quite some time now and the four points I just wrote about are some of the reasons for their success. McDonald’s will continue to be innovative and hold a high standard of excellence.

I be in twenty year there will be new and exciting products from McDonald’s as they continue to be the number one fast food chain in the world. McDonald’s 24/7; By focusing on the hours between traditional mealtimes, the fast-food giant is sizzling, by Michael Arndt. Business Week. New York: Feb 05, 2007. , Iss. 4020; pg. 64, retrieved at 07/22/2010 from: http://www. businessweek. com/magazine/content/07_06/b4020001. htm Helm, B. (2010). Ethnic Marketing: McDonalds’ Is Lovin’ It. Bloomberg Business Week, retrieved May 15, 2011 at http://www. usinessweek. com/magazine/content/10_29/b4187022876832. htm A Golden Recipe for McDonald’s Europe, by Kerry Capell(2010). A Golden Recipee for McDonalds’ Europe. Business Week (on line), New York, July 18, 2008, retrieved at 07/200/2010 from: http://www. businessweek. com/globalbiz/content/jul2008/gb20080717_293203. htm Patton, L. (2011). Ronald McDonald Sidelined as Chain Toutes Lattes. Bloomberg Business Week, retrieved May 15, 2011, at: http://www. businessweek. com/news/2011-03-02/ronald-mcdonald-sidelined-as-chain-touts-lattes. html

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