Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion

Ethnic Groups are race, ethnicity, religion, and gender. According to University of Phoenix Understanding and Managing Diversity, Section I (2014), “United States has always been a nation of Immigrants, with a mixture of ethnicities, races, and religions that have not always lived and worked together amicably’ Having such a mixture of cultural diversity its surprising how difficult it is to end the Prejudice and Stereotypes. Race Is defined for minorities In two forms obvious differences Like hair ND skin color.

Physical defined as prominent body parts like the shape of a nose. According to University of Phoenix Racial and Ethnic Groups, Chi. 1 (2014), “Society has defined what we flans obvious and physical. Ethnicity, are types of Orleans or distinctive cultural patterns in races” In the united States Hispanics or Latino include Mexican Americans like Puerco Rican and Cubans and known to have Black or White skin color. Religion Includes groups Like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Morons), Jehovah Witnesses, Amiss, Muslims, and Buddhists.

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The most nominate in the United States are Protestants followed by Roman Catholics. Gender Is simply male and female. I identify the most with the African American culture. I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood dominated by African Americans, Hispanic, and white. I lived In my neighborhood until I was 16 and to this day still have a strong bond with my childhood friends. We have gone through school together, gotten married together, and now we are having kids together. I feel very fortunate to be part of such a diverse social circle. I find myself favoring the minority group because this is what is familiar o me.

I believe this can make me sort of prejudice to outsiders that may not identify with my social circle. Our commonality was our parents were on a fixed budget, we weren’t able to vacation, and we were used to second hand clothes and material items like bikes. We all understood where we came from and we also knew we were all cool kids. We created a sentimental bond that to this day Is very obvious when you see us together. Some people notice a black man and white women and some people see two friends deeply connected. Diversity is defined by the various differences that exist among people.

If a workplace employed 100 white women they are still diverse in age, educational experience and religious background. I believe society might not think 100 white women are diverse. Organizations seem to hire employees of other races to give the observation they are diverse when they are already are. Inclusion is an approach that makes each employee feel welcome and a part of the team. Organizations may seem diverse by meeting the racial quota but that doesn’t mean the organization is an inclusive work environment. “In the workplace, organizations are shifting their views on diversity and Inclusion.

Whereas 30 years ago, promoting women and minorities was the focus, today’s message is positive and reflective. Many corporations ask internally, does every employee In our organization feel valued” (“What Is the Difference toy 2 mission of if an employee isn’t happy he or she won’t be creative and productive. My organizations goal is to make employees happy to get a Job well done. According to University of Phoenix Understanding and Managing Diversity, Section I (2014), “Diversity is about business and the bottom line and about leveraging the skills and talents of all employees to enable the organization to compete.

Diversity is not about reaching quotas and hiring unqualified minorities for the sake of having diversity’ As the times change so should the direction of the training to be successful. A good example of change was the passing of Equal Pay Act (1963) that males and females are paid the same wage for Jobs of equal skill and responsibility. It is challenging to create a workplace the supports proactive behavior and train employees to believe the story that supports the behavior. Employees want to feel they make a contribution to the organizational goal and not Just tolerated.

This has even employees in the 21st century the ability to choose their Jobs versus decades ago where minorities and women that may not have had a choice. My director thinks that men are more logical than women who tend to be more emotional. She manages me a woman and another coworker who is male. He tends to lack in his responsibilities and when he does not participate whole in our group projects I am very tactful at sharing his approach. My director has mentioned that women tend to hold grudges and can’t let things roll of their backs like men do.

She feels I am being negative towards my coworker but I only give feedback based on acts not assumptions. What she doesn’t realize because of her personal beliefs s continues to make poor business decisions based her emotions versus the facts. It is very frustrating to work alongside a person who doesn’t give an honest work day. She has mentioned because my coworker comes from a good family (money) and had a college education he is worth the investment. I find this very prejudice behavior and have learned to use these types of experiences as a tool to better my managing skills so hopefully I move up in the organization.

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