Tutorial on Alligation

Tutorial – Alligation I This is a copy on a word document. A few members have posted that they could not open the original that was posted on August 4, 2002 as a Created Text File. The following is an exact duplicate: The following is a dilution problem, solved by using an alligation method. to see this problem solved by using ratio/proportion please see a Tutorial called: Tutorial on Dilution Using the Ratio / Proportion Method Problem: The doctor has ordered 60ml of a 12% solution of a specific drug (Rx). However, on the shelf you have only 30% (Availability or Av).

What can you do? or use instead? Answer: Dilute the stronger 30% with WATER to make a 12% solution Calculation: Alligation or Ratio/Proportion Method This Tutorial is by using the Alligation method only. For the Ratio Proportion Method Please see the Tutorial on Dilution Using the Ratio / Proportion Method Begin by drawing a Tic Tac Toe diagram: NOTE: WATER has NO drug in it. Therefore the percentage (%) of drug is 0%. 1. Place the high in the upper left. (H) 2. Place the lowest in the lower left. (L) 3. Place the middle or what you are going to make in the middle. (M) 4.

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Subtract H – L and it becomes (both) the denominators. 30-0=30 5. Subtract H – M and it becomes the numerator of the lower right corner. 30- 12=18 6. Subtract M – L and it becomes the numerator of the upper right corner. 12-0=12 7. Check point: 12 + 18 = 30, 30 over 30 = 1 or 30/30 = 1 Note in the future doing other alligations: If your answer is one or 1 then you may proceed with a green light to the next step! Your alligation should look like this: 12 30% —– X 60 ml = 24 ml of 30 % solution 30 12% 18 % —– X 60 ml = 36 ml of WATER (0 % solution) 30 = 60 ml of 12% solution Dear All With the ability of this new site to keep the graphic or design of the tic tac toe, I have been able to enhance it here on a File attachment. The lines of the alegation stay straight!!! Jeanetta Mastron copyright July 18, 2002 The above is an exact copy/duplicate of the Created Text File on a word document. A few members have posted that they could not open the original that was posted on August 4, 2002 as a Created Textr File.

The above is an exact duplicate. The following is the original date it was posted, the original link that is STILL on the site with the Created Text File, and a Print Screen which proves the original posted date. Original post date: Aug 4, 2002 Original link of JeanettasPTCBStudyGroup: http://f1. grp. yahoofs. com/v1/AMLVSb6aO3208cFhgB9h90haDMQjWFAZpRWYP9pgHo88xiQ8ZLvqBwWiBIDp pIEkkCdYpiUxP5thnV6nJHq6/5-%20Tutorial-1%20%26%20Study%20Information/S%208-%20Math%20Tutorials%20Only/Alligations/Tutorial%20on%20Allegations%20I This is the original and current description of the Created Text of:

Tutorial on Allegations I Learn how to dilute a strong solution with WATER using the Allegation methodas described by Jeanetta Mastron CPhT, Founder of the PTCB Study Group! . To learn how to do this with the Ratio-Proportion Method see the Tutorial on Dilutio using Ratio/Proportion Method copyright July 2002 by Jeanetta Mastron This is a print screen to prove that this was posted earlier. [pic] Please note the correct spelling of the word is Alligation. [pic] ———————– Notice the dates: Original Sept 21, 2003 Word Copy Apr 3, 2009 Updated Word May 23, 2009

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