What or who changed my life

Becoming a 16 year old mother changed my life Becoming a 16 year mother changed my life In more ways than one. I was totally blown away knowing that would have to devote my time, love, energy, smile, and money to another human being. Motherhood at such a young age was not a box of chocolate. In fact, it is a continuous fun, exciting, and overwhelming learning experience. Nevertheless, being a full-time mother, student. And wage-earner assisted in the astonishing mother I am today.

It was a normal sunny fall school morning in September of 1993, when I first deiced for the second month in a row I hadn’t had my menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycles in my world were unpleasant, heavy, unbearable, and caused me to blackout. Noticing another month without my cycle certainly raised a red flag. However, I continued on about my school day. In the blink of an eye the month of October was here. At this point I am feeling alarmed and fearful. After a few weeks pass by, I start to feel very Ill.

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I began to feel activity Inside my stomach. In this case, feeling punch kicks, rolls, and wiggles were very uncomfortable. My first thought was I have got to e pregnant! The following morning, while getting ready for school I began to vomit all over myself. As I jumped up I experienced an episode of syncope. As I recovered from this distasteful experience, I cleaned myself up and headed to school. So for the next four months, I felt terrified to tell my parents, siblings, and even my closest peers what I’ve been experiencing.

Pregnant at 16 year’s old was not a dream of mind, but a high school junior with determinations, super athletic skills, and potentials. I played softball, volleyball, track-star, and captain of the cheer-squad. With all my happenings, I hardly had time to gain weight. I mastered being pregnant, while continuing my education without anyone noticing. Until one Friday evening in February of 1994. I was getting ready for a movie date when my 12 year old twin brother spoiled my evening. Chad Christopher comment was mommy Shanty’ has a big stomach Like those women In church!

My mother stepped In my room and elect to pop the question. Shanty’ are you pregnant? I was truly petrified. In response I quickly shouted mol I proceeded with my date night. After I’d returned home, my mother pop the question again. Shanty’ are you pregnant? The look in her eye was appalling. I stared in silence. Her words to me were what’s done in the dark will come to light. At this point I advised her that it may be a possibility. So within the week she made an appointment to see the family Physician. It turns out I was 7 h months pregnant.

After receiving the distraught news of my life, I fell to my knees and started to cry uncontrollably knowing that this human being would be here in less than three months. I was not ready to be a 16 year old mother. I had plans to attend Nicholls State, majoring In Pediatrics’ after graduation. With no time to spare I had to prepare for a drastic life changing encounter. For the next, two and a half months I felt relieved, excited, blue, and disappointed all at the same time. My mother suggested that I seek employment.

I continued to go to school every day, do my house chores May 9, 1994. I was awakened by severe stomach cramps. I yelled to my mother in anguish. I advised her that I was in a lot of pain. She rushed into my room to assist me out of bed and we headed to the hospital. University hospital was our first stop. Nurse Sonny assigned me to a private room to monitor my contractions. I was there approximately three and a half hours before being released even though I was in excruciating pain. I was only dilating two centimeters for the past three hours.

Nurse Betty advised me that in order for me to be hospitalized I would need to be at least three centimeters. The next four hours were the most uncomfortable and dreadful situation a teenage girl could experience. Around 7 a. M. I noticed blood in my panties. We hopped in the car and headed to the nearest hospital, despite being pulled over by N. O. P. D. For speeding. We yelled, there’s a baby on the way! Upon arriving to Charity Hospital on May 9, 1994 within minutes Share L. Was born at 7:AAA. M. To Williams and Blancher. The moment I laid eyes on my baby girl was absolutely amazing.

I didn’t know how to feel nor react to what had Just occurred. I knew right then that this experience would make me see the world in a different light. I realized that I am someone’s mother. Becoming a teenage mother changed my whole look on life. After our release from the hospital we were ready to conquer the world. On my way home all I could do was contemplate on all of the responsibilities that comes with being a mother. One of my life changing experiences as a 16 year old mother was learning how to love, nurture, care and provide for a human whom I’d carried for nine months.

In the midst of all my new and exciting challenges, school was still in session. Just for a few more weeks. My five teachers were gracious enough to combine my lessons and allow me to finish out the school year. Without a doubt my education was very important to me. As the next few weeks crept by, I was slowly getting use to anytime feedings, diaper changes, playful moments, and continuing my education. Thoughts and emotions about how baby Ronnie will impact my life forever loud seem to cross my mind quite frequently.

I would regularly stare at her and think to myself no more partying, selfishness, sleeping in, and playing cards were a part of my life style. But how wonderful, ambitious, eager, and a powerful role model of a mother I plan to become. Regardless, of what life threw my way. I believe becoming a mother was only the beginning of many accomplishments. Vive experienced many difficult days as a young mother. Such as, late work hours, keeping up with school lessons, exhaustion, being Judged by peers, and unable to be an average teenager. Spending my money on diaper’s, formula, and clothing was a game changing experience.

I wore several different hats at an early age. For example, a superdome, mentor, chef, teacher, nurse, bodyguard, and chauffeur. Knowing that my pride and Joy would be admiring me, kept me motivated and enthused to finish high school and go on to higher learning. Sharron is a 20 year old ambitious, loving, childless, young lady trying to pursue her nursing dream. As a 16 year old mother there were many obstacles and barriers to overcome. The constant encouragement from my daughter and parents abetted me in becoming the woman and mother I am today.

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