Work harrastment

In this article It talks about work harassment. Safe working environment Is very Important to achieve strong Industrial relationship and productive. To achieve such a working environment, it is important to ensure that the workplace is free from all forms of discrimination, including harassment. Everyone in the workplace can be very vulnerable to various forms of harassment, including sexual harassment and intimidation. Any and all forms of harassment in the workplace will be detrimental to all parties.

For workers, It can lead to deterioration of performance, which in turn oppresses the level of productivity and affect the welfare of all workers and their families. Employee turnover rate Increases and low productivity have the potential to affect the economic competitiveness of the factories concerned. Harassment in garment factories has been highlighted as raising concerns by international activists and appears on the main headlines in the international media.

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Violations as well as rumors about various issues of workplace harassment can have a serious impact on the relationship between plant and International buyers are aware of the reputation. That Is what concerns us together to create a positive working environment through the prevention of workplace harassment. Nevertheless, reports of harassment in the workplace remains scattered wide. In particular, many cases of workplace harassment that seems to happen in the garment industry.

This is probably caused by a variety of reasons, such as the presence of the number of young working women in large numbers, the inexperienced, and come from rural areas under the supervision of a small number men, high levels of production pressure and disciplinary practices nuanced violence. There are several ways to prevent sexual reassessment in the work place, such as: 1 . Communication: colonization of the guidelines through, for example, Bipartite Cooperation, Tripartite Cooperation Institution, and a variety of print and electronic media 2.

Education: organizing orientation programs and the introduction of the staff, religious lectures, or special events such as events that have been programmed. 3. Training: provide specific training for supervisors and managers to recognize the problems that exist In the workplace and develop a diverse strategy for prevention: establish Harassment Settlement Response Team. 4. Encourage companies to implement workplace reassessment prevention, 5. Including taking disciplinary action in the form of: Company Policies Employment Agreements / Company / Collective Bargaining Agreement Dissemination of policies and mechanisms preventing harassment to all employees and supervisors are important. In order to meet all the need for communication, the employer must establish a program in which employees and supervisors can get educated about abuse. So in the end, all parties must have a heightened awareness of sharing how to create a productive work environment that Is free from harassment.

The central government and local governments should ensure that all many policies regarding harassment for large, medium, small and accessible and available to all employers. In the meantime, employers should provide information about abuse in orientation programs, as well as education and training for workers. The union should also include information about harassment in educational programs and training for its members. Article 2 Article two is talking about Corporate Social Responsibility, it states clearly in the title of the article.

CARS or corporate social responsibility recently becomes a prominent issue among national and multinational business. The program is intended as the company’s efforts to participate in the process of sustainable development in which there is expected to be a balance between the company and the social environment in the place or society it operates. Social and environmental issues are considered so seriously that causes urge to the international world for corporate social responsibility.

Examples responsibilities can be furious, ranging from activities that can improve the welfare of society and the improvement of the environment, provision of scholarships for children that not able to pay for school, the provision of ends for the maintenance of public facilities, donations to the village / community facilities that are social and useful for many people, especially people who are around the company is located. Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) is the phenomenon of corporate strategies that accommodate the needs and interests of its stakeholders.

CARS arises from the era in which awareness of the long-term sustainability of the company is more important than profitability. From the article I can say that in today’s world, Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to the company. In the article it says that “Research conducted by Cone Millennial Cause group, detailed in The 2020 Workplace found that 80% of a sample of 1,800 13-25 year olds wanted to work for a company that cares about how it impacts and contributes to society. More than half said they would refuse to work for an irresponsible corporation.

What’s more, according to research conducted in The 2020 Workplace, by the year 2020, Millennial will be 50% of the workforce. ” This Corporate Social Responsibility can be advantages value for the company, they can easily persuade more good employees to work with the company, also they can easily locate ND people will feel no worry about their home’s environment when the company operates. The company can use the media boom to communicate their CARS efforts to the society. However, CARS becomes a common practice among companies that nowadays people pay less attention to it.

There are some tips that companies can do in order to implement CARS effectively. Use CARS to boost employee engagement is the first tip, Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) is important to either requiting new employees and maintaining the existing workers in the company, ninety six percent (96%) of the employees agreed that being able to contribute to a cause while employee is work improve employee’s commitment and level of engagement to employee’s core Job function and to the company. The second tip will be to utilize CARS as a medium to enhance global aptitudes.

In the company, engagement can make employees more happy and productive, but in the research, employee’s contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) teaches workers valuable new skills that they bring back to their regular roles for the company, which gives company more benefits. Maximize company’s investment in CARS by leveraging all forms of social media will be last tip, today’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) s no longer corporate philanthropy but it is strategic investment for the organization and it needs to be communicated with all company’s stakeholders such as investors, employees, and customers.

CARS must become part of company’s recruitment strategy to attract top talent. Article 3 In the article 3, it talks about employee abuse, in American employee abuse percentage is rising from time to time, no longer are workers respected and treated as human beings. Even those most educated and skilled are treated in the bad way. Quite surprising that twenty percent of the employees admit that they work actually bootable by their manager, bullying in the work place begins to be a common and thirty seven percent of the worker have experienced it.

Over 50% of employers admitted to incidents of workplace bullying with 25% of all HER employees admitting to being bullied themselves. What more surprising is, research finds that are more technically skilled than their bullies, Bully bosses steal credit from skilled targets. Policy to prevent workplace violence: 1 . Zero tolerance The company follows a policy of zero tolerance for violence. If workers do any form of workplace violence, or threatening violence in the workplace, then workers can immediately dismissed. There is no tolerance for talk of violence or Joking about violence. Violence” includes physically hurt on someone, pressing, pushing, harass, intimidate, coerce, brandishing weapons, and threatening or told to do all the activities mentioned above. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that anyone associated with this business, including employees and customers, never felt threatened by actions or deeds any employee. 2. Safety measures in the workplace In an effort to meet the commitment to create a safe working environment for employees, customers and visitors, there are some simple rules that have been published.

The rules are: Access to the property is restricted only to those companies who have a legitimate business interest. All employees and employee vehicles entering the property must show company identification. All visitors and vehicles and visitors must report to show identification while on the property. 3. All weapons are prohibited Company specifically prohibits the mastery of weapons by any employee while on company property. This ban includes keeping or carrying a weapon in a vehicle in the parking lot, both public and private parking.

Employees are also prohibited from arraying weapons while providing services to companies outside of the building and the company page. Weapon in question including firearms, knives, explosives, and other objects that could potentially cause harm. Appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination, will be taken against employees who violate this policy. 4. Report abuse Prevent violence in the workplace is everyone’s business in the workplace. You can help report what you see in the workplace that could indicate that your teammates are in trouble.

You are in a better position than management in terms of knowing hat happens to those who work with you. 5. Examination Desks, phones, and computers are the business property. We reserve the right to enter or inspect your work environment, including but not limited to, desks and computer data storage disks, with or without notice. Fax machine, copier, and a system of correspondence, including email, only intended for business use. Private business should not be run through the system.

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