In today’s world if a person want to become prominent and successful he needs to attain a quality of education. In United States many student graduates from various majors like Biology, Math, Psychology, History or Chemistry. My major is Computer Science. Currently I am in Junior year at NUMB. (” University of Maryland Baltimore County”). My academic goal is to become a Programmer and gain expertise in technical communication skills like writing, speaking, presenting, and collaborating.

As a writer I have little experience. I did lower level English courses and ENGLISH (101) course at ” Frederick Community College”. There I learned many things like verbs, noun, pronoun, run on sentences, and writing research paper. But, as English is not my first language I still do some grammatical mistakes. So, I decided to take Technical Communication class this semester at NUMB which I think will definitely help in improving my writing and other skills.

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Soft skills are necessary if I want to be a good programmer and I realized this hen I did internship as a programmer. My instructor told me that if I want to be a good programmer and get importance of other people and colleagues I have to be a effective communicator as a writer, speaker, listener, presenter, analyzing things and creating reports. My goals in communication skills and learning objectives of my current technical communications course are closely related.

Upon successfully completion of this class I will be able to communicate effectively, design usable and understandable comments, learn professional oral presentation, prepare workplace reports, writing professionally and much more. As a technical communications student I will improve by skills in writing, presenting, and communicating with other people. Because in class throughout whole semester I have lots of writing projects which will improve my writing as a writer and will be helpful in future for professional Job.

Moreover, I also have group projects through which I will have an experience of working and communicating with there people. Additionally, I will have to explain one chapter of technical communication in class which will teach me how to become an effective presenter. In conclusion, learning objectives of this technical communication class will help me to become a good writer, speaker, presenter and communicator. Lastly, technical communications skills like writing, speaking, presenting, and creating reports plays a crucial role in achieving my academic goal as a programmer.

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