Chapter 25 History Terms and People

Herbet Hoover
Republican president who was the president during the Great Depression.
Stock Market of 1929
plunge in stock makets prices that marked the beginning of the Great Depression.
Great Depression
the serious and worldwide economic decline of the 1930s.
buying and selling risky items in the hope of making a quick profit.
arrangement for delaying payment of a loan or purchase.
economic depression
severe economic slump.
Frankline Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
democratic president who created the New Deal to counter the effects of the Great Depression
First New Deal
1933-1935 program created by President Roosevelt to fight the Depression.
20th Amendment
constitutional amendment moving presidental inauguration from March to January.
Hundred Days
March 9 to mid-June 1933 congressional session in which many laws designed to fight the Depression were passed.
fireside chats
series of radio talks in which FDR explained his policies in a casual style.
Second New Deal
1935-1937 extension of Roosevelts First New Deal; focused on social reform.
Social Security Act
law creating fund for assisting retired workers and the unemployed.
deficit spending
using borrowed money to fund governement programs.
economic system in which members of a society own businesses equally.
Dust Bowl
region including parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico in which farms were damaged by dust storms.
Eleanor Roosevelt
wife of FDR who helped him monitor New Deal programs and became a strong voice for women and minorities.
Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)
labor union; included skilled and unskilled workers; open to women and minorities.
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
largest labor union; more selective than CIO.
sit-down strike
union tactice in which workers stayed idle in a plant rather than walking out.
someone who favors federal government action to bring about social and economic reform.
someone who favors restricted policies in social and economic reform.
The Works Progress Administration (WPA)
helped writers find employment.
John Steinbeck
he was the result of a significant writer of literature;wrote the grapes of wrath; tells of Okies evited from their farms.
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
created in 1934-continues to monitor the stock market. It makes sure companies and individuals follow fair practices for buying and selling stocks.
Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)
a government funded organization that would give loans directly to banks and railroads.
Apporved Public Works Project
government funded projects to assist individuals, families, and communities in need. Most Famous Project is The Hoover Dam.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
1832 Bonus Army
World War I veterans who came to Washington seeking early payment of bonuses for wartime service.
General MacArthur
drove out the Army. some stayed live in Hoovervilles.
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