EXAM3 (Chapter 25&6)

How was American handling the crisis of World War1 and the great depression similar?
Just as the war provided women and minorities with job opportunities, so did the Great Depression offer more unskilled, typically female and minority jobs
President Truman’s primary motive for using nuclear weapons against Japan was to
end the war as quickly as possible
What was Eisenhower’s major campaign pledge?
to end the korean war
How did conservatives react to the cultural transformations taking place in American cities during the 1920s?
in their minds, the transformation was eroding traditional values and was seen as threatening.
how did republican policies affect the wealthiest americans?
throughout the 1920s, wealthy americans saw their income taxes reduced significantly.
the democratic canididate in the election of 1928 was
al smith
the kkk of the 1920s
appealed to old stock americans nervous about social and cultural change
British and French leaders met with Hitler in 1938 to discuss his demand for
the Czech province of Sudetenland
What was the effect of uniformity and standardization on the lives of average Americans?
homogenization of consumer goods and a decline in regional variety
The Marshall Plan proposed
infusing massive amounts of american capital into western Europe
America’s use of the atomic bomb to defeat Japan
led to the postwar arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union
The National Labor Relations(Wagner) Act
granted workers the right to organize and collectively bargain
What was the Berlin Airlift?
a military operation to bring supplies to troops and civilians in Soviet-controlled Berlin
How did attitudes toward sex and marriage change at this time?
there was an increased permissiveness in attitudes during sex, and more tolerance toward and a higher incidence of divorce
In October 1941, German U-Boats sank the
Reuban James
How did Huey Longs ” Share the wealth” movement of 1935 reflect on the U.S. governments efforts to address the Great Depression?
it suggested that a large number of people felt that they were not benefiting from the New Deal
What was the primary motivtivation for the passage of the Social Security Act?
a sense of duty to ensure that all of America’s citizens-especially the elderly,handicapped,and unemployed would be adequately taken care of
The countries that compromised the Axis Powers in WWII were
Germany, Italy, and Japan
How did Joseph McCarthy develop such power over his fellow senators?
He instilled fear in them
Why did the KKK experience rapid growth during the decade of the 1920s?
The perception of eroding traditional values and the influx of foreigners led many to adopt extremist views such as those espoused by the KKK
What caused the riots in both Los Angeles and Detroit in 1943?
racial tensions
With the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939,President Roosevelt
declared American neutrality
What was the root of the farmers’ problems in the 1920s?
The National Recovery Admin. sought to promote economic recovery by
experimenting with national economic planning
Why did the United States implement the Marshall Plan?
to improve the Western European economy and stop the spread of communism
What event brought the U.S. into WWII?
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Which organization hired young men to clear land, plant trees, build bridges, and fish ponds?
Civilian Conservation Corps
What did the “Red Scare” reveal about the darker side of American society?
There was a deep undercurrent of intolerance and bigotry in American society
How did the Allies decide to split up the reparations in postwar Germany?
Each country would take reparations form its own occupation zone.
The U.S. intervention in China differed from its intervention in Korea because the U.S.
extracted itself from the conflict when civil war broke out in China but sent troops to S. Koreas aid
What effect did the formation of NATO have on the Cold War
It intensified Russian fears of the West and escalated the Cold War
The Indian Reorganization Act
stressed tribal unity and autonomy
Compared with the American contribution to the defeat of Germany, the Soviet Unions contribution was
significantly larger
What effect did the Marshall Plan have?
It led to a successful financial recovery in western europe
What was the most striking characteristic of the stock market in 1929?
Investors obsession with speculation
Which of the following was an indicator of the future strength of the Democratic party?
the shift of urban voters to the party
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
assured European countries that the United States would help defend them
How did Americans respond to the bull market climate on the eve of the great crash in 1929?
wild optimism about the continued growth of the stock market led Americans to engage in speculative investing practices
By 1935, Roosevelts severest critics were
demanding more radical forms
During 1940-41, Pres. Roosevelt attempted to halt Japanese aggression in Asia by
applying economic pressure on Japan through a trade embargo
why were Americans worried about Hitlers attacks on Britain, in particular?
if Hitler took Britain, he could use the British navy to attack the Americas.
What was the most pivotal role of religion in the 1928 election?
Most Americans voted for Hoover as the Protestant canidate
How did the Great Depression affect Americans psychologically?
Unemployment and poverty undermined people’s sense of self worth and caused many to despair.
United States troops first went into combat against German troops in
What was one criticism of the Social Security Act?
Social Security offered nothing to those already out of work
Russia looked foward to_____ after its victory in WWII
Establishing communist regimes in eastern Europe
George Kennan’s “containment” policy proposed
efforts to stop the expansion of Russian control and communism
What did the term “D-Day” mean?
the day allies invaded Nazi occupied Europe
Women and minorities benefit from the organization of labor?
Unskilled labor, which included many women and minorities, was represented along with skilled labor by the CIO
Women in the 1920s
had mostly low paying jobs
The term “iron-curtain” refer to
the separation between Soviet-dominated Europe and Western Europe
Which New Deal program did the Supreme Court declare unconstitutional?
National Recovery Administration
The weakness of the League of Nations was revealed when Italy invaded
Which group in American society benefited most from prohibition?
Those who benefited most were the ones who controlled the illegal production and sale of alcoholic beverages
Despite the New Deal,___ were the countrys most impoverished citizens
Native Americans
FDR attempted to “pack” the Supreme Court because he
Wanted to remove the final and most powerful threat to his new deal by replacing judges who oppose it’s programs
Hitler started WWII by invading
What was the biggest factor in placing the US in a collision course with the Soviet Union
The American commitment to stopping the spread of of communism
During WWII which group was place in relocation camps in the US
Japanese Americans
Why did the farmers during the Great Depression resort to such extreme measures as dumping fresh milk into the streets
Farmers hoped to create demand and drive up prices for their product
Hoover believed unemployment relief
Should come from private charities
Where and why did the major demographic shift of the 1920s take place?
There was a mass movement of people from the rural countryside to cities bc consumer industries were located there
How were families affected by changes sweeping American society in the 1920s?
The average American family decreased in size due to the availability of more effective birth control
Which two factors explain American isolationism in the 1930?
The Great Depression and an understanding of the costs at war
The social and economic effects of the depression
Affected the middle class especially hard
What was one of the weakness of consumer goods economy
The production of so called durable goods eventually decreased demand
Which terms best describe hoovers response to the depression?
Restrained and cautious
Which individual was most responsible for promoting African American rights during new deal?
Harry Hopkins
How did the advent of mass production change the lives if Americans in the early twentieth century?
As a result, Americans attainted the highest standard of living in the world
The Truman doctrine stated that American policy would be able to ___
Support free people’s who were resisting the Soviet Union or it surrogates
What has been the most significant long range effect of the new deal on American society?
Certain key programs, such as Social Security have become an integral part of American life, providing essential benefits to millions of Americans today
Where did the showdown of Asia occur between the U.S. and the Soviet Union?
As a result of the Nyes Committees findings
Congress passed the neutrality acts of 1935,36,37
Which statement best describes isolationist and interventionist opinions about FDR as he led America to the brink of war in Europe?
Isolationist thought he was deceitful and interventionist thought he was to cautious in dealing with the Nazis
The passage of the national security act in 1947
Acted to coordinate and unify Americas military establishment
The disarmament plan that Truman administration proposed to the United Nations after WWII was called
The Baruch plan
General MacArthur gave president Truman erroneous advice during the Korean War when he advised Truman to
Authorize an invasion of North Korea bc he thought that China would not attack
The weakest area of the american economy in the 1920s was
By 1932, what percentage of American workers were unemployed?
What impact did the 19th amendment have on women?
It had less impact on women than they hoped for
How did the Red Scare shape American society in the 1920s
There was an increased sense of fear as radicals committed violent acts such as the bombing attorney general palmers home in 1919
Which of the following statements describes a social problem during WWII?
There was insufficient housing for workers in cities with wartime industries
What characterized the American economy of the 1920s
Advertising becoming a major industry
The United States dropped its first bomb in __ killing 60,000 people
What was the significance of Fords highland park plant in the transition to modern america?
It marked the beginning of mass production in the United States
The nazi holocaust involved the slaughter of __ people
Sports flourished in the 1920s because
People has more leisure time
The turning point of the pacific war was the American victory at the Battle of__
Which statement best describes the transition from war to peace in America after the WWII?
The transition caused inflation and labor unrest
Why did the so called nativists resist the influx of immigrants from Europe at this time?
There was widespread concern that the influx of foreigners would deprive Americans of lower paying but more abundant jobs
Joseph McCarthy left the crusade against alleged __ in American government during the 1950s
The Soviet Union approached disarmament discussions after WWII with a plan to
Destroy all existing atomic bombs and ban the production of new ones
Which of the following statements is true regarding the policy of appeasements
The policy of making concessions to the dictatorial powers in order to avoid conflict
What was the purpose behind the federal emergency relief administration?
Called the FERA, provided relief to unemployed by furnishing funds to states and local agencies
According to text, prior to the depression what was the most important weakness of the economy?
By 1929, the 200 largest corps bc of the higher workers wages lost power and thus profits divided
By 1932, what percentage of American workers were unemployed?
The most famous disclosure of espionage activities in the US government in late 1940s in coked the case of
Alger hiss
How did the New Deal affect American industrial workers?
It provided the means for them to organize and bargain for benefits.
How did women and minorities benefit from the organization of labor?
Unskilled labor, which largely consisted of women and minorities, was represented along with skilled labor by the CIO and AFL.
The Great Depression affected racial minorities more severely than other groups because racial minorities
were the first to be fired and last to be hired
How did the reform programs created during the New Deal eventually lead to its demise?
They required massive government spending and could not be sustained.
How did FDR’s attitude toward planned deficits affect the success of the New Deal’s efforts to rescue the economy?
He tried to avoid planned deficits, seeking a balanced budget when he ought to have spent more.
What was the major political legacy of the New Deal?
It sought to create a coalition by reaching out to ethnic voters.
How did the country’s experience of World War I shape the national response to the Great Depression under FDR?
During the war years, the country had experienced general mobilization of the nation’s resources in the service of a common goal, facilitating implementation of the New Deal, another form of general mobilization.
How was American handling of the crises of World War One and the Great Depression similar?
Just as the War provided women and minorities with job opportunities, so did the Great Depression offer more unskilled, typically female and minority jobs.
Why was the New Deal criticized during the early years of the Great Depression?
Because it tended to benefit large businesses and farms, leaving the poor and elderly unaided.
The National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act
granted workers the right to organize and collectively bargain.
Hoover believed that unemployment relief
should come from private charities.
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was designed to
bring modernization and jobs to desolate areas of the upper rural South.
During the Hundred Days, Roosevelt
closed all the banks
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