Med Insurance chapter 16

• Benefits for medical expenses are provided through disability income insurance
• Disability income insurance provides benefits for work-related disability.
• Temporary disability exists when an illness or injury prevents a person from performing one or more of the functions of his or her regular job.
• No prior employment is necessary for SSDI eligibility.
• For people trying to qualify for SSDI or SSI, determination is made by the physician.
• If a state has state disability insurance, all types of workers are covered.
• After a state disability claim is approved, basic benefits become payable with the eight day of disability or the third day of hospital confinement, whichever comes first.
• Disability income insurance is available from?
D. All of the above.
• Coverage that provides a specific monthly or weekly income when a person is unable to work because of illness or injury is known as?
B. disability income insurance.
• The maximum amount of time for which benefits will be paid to the injured or ill person for a disability is called the
C. benefit period.
• Residual benefits pay a-
A . partial benefit when the insured is not totally disabled
• A policy that offers an insured person protection when loss of sight or loss of limb(s) occurs is called-
C. Dismemberment benefit
• When an illness or injury prevents an insured person from performing one or more of the functions of his or her regular job, the disability is called-
D. both A & B
• The term “guaranteed renewable” means that the insured is–
A. required to renew the policy as long as premium payments are made, and the premium may be increased.
• Provisions written into the insurance contract denying coverage or limiting the scope of coverage are called–
B. Exclusions
• Which two programs managed by the Social Security administration pay monthly disability benefits to ppl younger than 65 who can’t work for at least a year because of a severe disability–
• In 1956, the U.S. Congress established a program under Title II of the Social Security Act for long-term disability known as–
C. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
• The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program under Title XVI of the Social Security Act provides-
B. disability payments to needy ppl with limited income & few resources.
• What is the correct order in the appeals process?
A. Reconsideration, Hearing, review by the Appeals Council, review by the federal court.
• The Armed Services Disability benefits program is available to–
D. Members of the armed services on active duty.
• What is the time limit for a veteran to file a claim to receive outpatient treatment at VA expense for a service-connected disability?
B. within 1 year of sustaining the injury.
• The first state to provide a successful state disability insurance was–
D. Rhode Island.
• State disability insurance (SDI) is also known as–
D. A&B
• State disability insurance benefits begin after the–
C. Seventh consecutive day of disability.
• Funding for state disability insurance usually a small percentage of the employee’s wage that
D. All of the above
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