soical 2

To say that reality is “socially constructed” means that:
members of society discover and alter version of facts
What we know to be true and real is most often a product of:
product of the culture and historical period which we exist in.
If a particular society has over 50 words that are associated with “rain,” what can we assume about this culture?
They often have rain where they live and different associations with it :jargon
Before giving a final exam, the professor announces to the class, “I’m sure you’ll do well, because you’re the smartest group I’ve ever had.” …
self fulfilling prophecy
The process through which facts, knowledge, and truth are discovered, made known, reaffirmed, and altered by members of a society
social construction of reality
By acting on the basis of our definitions of reality, we often create the very conditions we believe exist. This is known as
Beliefs that cannot be proven wrong in the eyes of their believers, despite the presentation of contradictory evidence, are referred to as
incorrigible proposition
Humans are able to change our reality, but:
cant make it how we please its from the past
Which of the following can have significant influence on our definitions of reality?
economic intrests
What does it mean to say that social research is empirical?
questions human behavior can be answered by controlled observations of world
Social research is of two major types
particpate research , non participate research
Research that relies on the statistical analysis of numeric
quantitative research
Research that uses non-numeric information……
qualitative research
A theory is a set of:
set of statements that seeks to explain aspect of social life
Any characteristic, attitude, behavior, or event that has two or more values or attributes can be used as a(n):
A variable that causes or influences another variable is called a(n):
independent variable
A variable that is caused by or influenced by another variable is called a(n):
dependent variable
This type of research is typically conducted in a laboratory setting.
In this mode of research, researchers have no direct contact with the people they are studying.
unobservation reserch
In this mode of research, researchers observe people in actual social settings.
field study
This mode of research allows researchers to control the relevant variables.
empirical research
In this type of research, subjects respond to a series of standardized questions.
In this form of research, researchers may take part in activities with the people they are observing.
This mode of sociological research may involve the study of historical or official data.
historical analysis
Course evaluations are an example of this mode of research.
empirical research
Why do social researchers usually report not only their findings but also their methods?
Social research often relies on using a sample of subjects from a population. In order for the study to be valid, that sample must:
A set of statements or propositions that seeks to explain or predict a particular aspect of social life is a:
Which of the following research methods would best allow you to study the culture of a group of people without the fear of altering or influencing their behavior?
unobtructive rearch
Research samples that are not representative of the population are problematic in that:
hawthorne effect
alteration of behavior by the subjects of a study due to their awareness of being observed.
A researcher lives in the dormitory of a seminary for a semester, attends classes, and eats meals with the students. This researcher is likely conducting:
participant obersation
A researcher studies the financial records of several large corporations that went bankrupt during the Great Depression. This is a form of:
historical research
When a researcher counts how many acts of violence occur during episodes of TV shows, this is a type of
content analysis
When a researcher sits at a sidewalk café and watches how couples walking down the street interact with each other, he or she is conducting:
non participant
What are the independent and dependent variables in this hypothesis: Single people are more likely to commit suicide than married people?
married independent, single depedent
In the following hypothesis—race influences attitudes toward homosexuality—race is the:
Much public support was gained for the invasion of Iraq through the false idea that …..
Since the ownership of newspapers, radio stations, and other media is becoming increasingly concentrated in the hands of a smaller number of people, this…………..
According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics, the great majority of rape victims on college capuses
between people whom already knew eachother
Children in the United States today….
A hypothesis
prediction that the relationship between 2 or more variables
Qualitative research
research on nonnumerical info (text,phrases,symbols) that describes people and actions
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